Happy Valentine’s Day!




Happy Valentine’s Day



According to Urban Dictionary, hopeless romantics are not hopeless per say, but very true, caring, and loving people. They are not made for today’s standards. They believe in passion, chivalry, and true love. Do you believe in true love? Not the fairy tale version of true love, but pure, fun, and scary true love. I do. I believe there’s someone out there made perfectly for me.


Today’s society will try to make true love seem impossible to find. We see marriages fall apart every day. But that doesn’t mean there’s no true love out there for those people. I am now in the dating phase of my life. I’m not rushing anything. I’ve taken time to see what I want in a relationship and I’m going to find it. I want to create a friendship first and build from there. If things work out that’s good, and if things don’t work out I’ve made a new friend.


My brother and I had a talk about dating in recent time. How people are so quick to go from: meeting one day and excusive the next day. Don’t get me wrong if you felt like this person was made for you go for it; however, take your time. Learn about them. Learn their mannerisms and their favorites. Learn their dreams and ambitions. And trust your gut.


Before you take the time to find your true love, make sure things are right at home first. Make sure you’re in the right head space and comfortable with who you are. Don’t change yourself for someone to notice you. Be true to you. And when you’re ready, go for it. True love exists. I believe it and you should too.



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