Friend: a person attached to another by feelings or affection or personal regard.


When you’re younger, the only thing you wanted was to have as many friends as possible. As you get older, you learn what it truly means to be a friend. There are people that are actually your friend and people who pretend to be your friend. Learning the difference between the two types is what I want to touch on in this post.


I’ve lost plenty of friends over the years. Some of us grew a part. And some were just horrible friends. No matter the reason, losing a friend hurts. I always seem to over extend myself when it comes to my friends. I want to be there and help as much as possible. The sad part is I did that to the wrong friends.


How do you know if you’re dealing with the wrong type of friend? If you feel like you’re not being supported and dread being around that person, that’s not a good friend. Friends are supposed to encourage and motivate you to be better. A bad friend, doesn’t have your back. That’ll leave you to the wolves and not lose any sleep about it. A bad friend can also be manipulative. Be careful of those type of bad friends, they’ll make the show all about them and not care about you.


If you thought of a friend while leaving this post, it’s time to cut them off. Some of us hold on to these types of friends to avoid being lonely and because they’ve been around for many years. At some part of my life, I have dealt with a friend I’ve named. After we grew a part or I’ve cut them off, my life became a whole less stressful. Observe your friends. See who’s for you and who’s against you. Thank you to all of the bad friends I had. Shout out to my real friends and thank you for being there for me!

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    Say it a lol louder for the people in the back sis! ❤🔥

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