April Showers; May Flowers


April Showers; May Flowers

I have been writing all month. I’ve had plenty of ideas, but I couldn’t make any of them make sense. I haven’t been able to focus on my blogs. I disappointed myself. My dad has been asking me about a post all month long. I wanted so bad to produce something good. And yet, week by week, nothing was inspired. I’m writing this blog breaking through a barrier. Reminding myself that I am a writer. That I got this.


I often put a lot of pressure on myself. Not being able to create a post has really stressed me out. It made me question my talents.

“I love writings, but am I a true writer?”

I know that’s a silly thing to ask yourself. Why do I doubt myself? Why can’t I have confidence in what I enjoy doing? My goal is to silence those voices. I have a support system. I have the gift. Me typing right now proves that. I had no idea what to say and yet my words are finally flowing. I guess once I realized that “I got this”, all of those negative feelings went away.


Once I got out of my own way, I was able to produce. Making these blog posts, are not an easy process. It’s vulnerable feeling, which I have uncomfortably became comfortable with. I have stories to share. I shouldn’t lose my confidence again. Never lose confidence in something you are passionate about. You are better than “good enough” and practice makes perfect. Feed your mind positivity, so you can have positive thoughts. Positive thoughts will lead you to positive actions. Positive actions will lead you to an easier life. Don’t do like I did, and stand in your own way. Be great my friend!

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