The Job You Have vs. The Job You Want


The Job You Have vs. The Job You Want



I don’t know about you but, since I’ve graduated I haven’t been able to get my “foot in the door” with a job in my field. I’ve applied for job after job, all ending with the “we’ve decided to go with another candidate” email. The requirements could be as simple as a BA in Communications, Journalism, or preferred field and still I’m overlooked. So how can I become that lucky candidate?


Experience is everything, but what do you do when you don’t have much? I’ve only had 3 jobs and a college career. I also, interned at my university’s student radio station. I remember how I would apply for summer internships and wonder “why are the requirements so hard for an internship?” It seems like it’s impossible to get even a taste of working in my field. I don’t feel entitled to anything just because I have a degree. I just want to use it. Now this isn’t a pity post no. This is me sharing how I’m dealing with my current situation.


When faced with rejection, I’m learning to accept that the job wasn’t meant for me. I’m not saying that I wasn’t good enough for that job. It just wasn’t the position for me to have right now. There may be more for me, more for us, to learn and experience before that door opens. Don’t get me wrong, rejection hurts. Especially when you have no idea on what the employers are seeking and what you need to do to get there. But if I didn’t get the job, something better awaits. The job I want and you want isn’t as easy to get as others. In the meantime, we focus on the job we have. Also known as: the job we managed to get it.


Despite the fact that my current job is far from what I want to do, I appreciate it. It’s a well-paying job with great benefits and amazing co-workers. But most days, I’m unhappy at work. I know in my soul I should be doing more. Yet, this is my job. I study when I need to study, and provide the best service to each member I assist. I make the best of it. Yes, most days I sit at my computer wishing I was anywhere else except there. But, me thinking like and having a negative mindset doesn’t change the fact that, this is the job I have right now. I have to focus on the good.


I’m learning that if I think positive thoughts, it makes things easier for me. I’m still searching for my dream job and hoping for the best. I’m researching what the employers may be looking for and shooting my shot. Most importantly I’m expanding. I know negativity will not change anything. I won’t always have my current job. Right now, I may feel like stuck; however, better is coming. We’re not giving up.



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  1. Shontasia Pugh says:

    This was inspirational! You have a way with words and everytime I read a blog iss like I have never met this brilliant person! I loves it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beautifully-complex says:

      Thank you! 🤗


  2. susanb398 says:

    Never give up. God has so much in store for you. Continue to pray for direction and God will lead you.


  3. I would also recommend for you to volunteer for those positions that you want. Some nonprofit organizations are looking for people to volunteer for specific roles because they cannot afford to pay them. With that being said what their requirements are are much lower than other peoples. Try some of those places to see if you could volunteer a few days out of the month doing those roles and that will help add onto your resume and ultimately giving you experience.


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