Summer Vibes


Summer Vibes


I’ve always loved the summer time. As a kid, I knew summer meant that I could spend time away from school and with my family. I would play kickball, build obstacle courses, and have bike rides with my siblings and neighbors. I always tagged along in my siblings adventures, and love every minute of it. As I started to get older, and everyone became adults; I had to make my own summer adventures. This year I made sure I created as many memories as I could.


I started the summer off taking a trip to Atlanta. It was a simple trip; however, it was the start that I needed. Next I traveled to Williamsburg for my first “friendcation” trip. A three day weekend filled with amusement parks, good food, and a little water fun (that I didn’t participate in lol.) It was the vacation that made my adventure grow.


After Williamsburg, I traveled to Washington D.C. That trip gave me soooooooo much patience (D.C. traffic is the worst lol.) While I was there; I rode the metro, visited the national mall, and the national zoo. D.C. gave me hope. A city where I felt I could have my start. It made me want to spread my wings and leave the nest. A love/hate relationship that in a sense, I craved. When that trip ended, the job search began.

And at the end of July, I had an adorable puppy (Dakota) find his way under my shed and into my heart.
So this was my summer ’18. A make-up from last summer, when I was emotionally down. I just lived by my work schedule and watched every day pass by. Doing the same routine over and over again. I could not have a summer like that again, because as I previously mentioned, summer is my favorite season. Summer gives my adventures and memories. A feeling that makes my heart burst with excitement. I love the summertime and I hate to see it go. Cheers to summer ’19!


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