Am I Dumb?


Am I dumb?


This isn’t a serious question; however, it’s something I constantly ask myself. Now, I know I’m not dumb. I have proven time and time again that I am a high achiever. But when faced with challenges, I can’t seem to remember. It’s weird to describe honestly. I constantly have to prove my intelligence to myself and I don’t know why.


My job comes with tests that I have to take monthly. There’s one in particular that I have been stuck on since April. It’s information that I constantly studied and retained. I confidently took the test, and sadly kept failing. I am extremely hard on myself, always have been. Every time I did not see a passing 88 grade, I feel like an idiot. There’s this frustration that took over me and I couldn’t handle it. I hate that feeling.


I want to get to the root of this issue, I have to. I know I’m smart and I know that I can overcome anything. I can’t keep getting in my own way. I have to believe in Cadesia. I have to cheer myself on, as I cheer on my loved ones. I’m going to fail and it’s going to hurt, but that takes nothing away from me. With that being said, I passed my test. I overcame just as you can overcome your issues. It may not happen immediately; however, you will prosper. I am not dumb. You are not dumb. We are not dumb.

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  1. Tomica says:

    You are a very smart and sweet young lady. I have known you since you was in middle school or maybe before. I have wait you grow into a sweet intelligent young lady. Keep working had on everything you do. Remember that something that is important to you you is worth the hard work.

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    1. beautifully-complex says:

      Thank you so much!!


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