Dear Complainer,


Dear Complainer,

Yes, it’s been a tough month for you and it’s hard to look on the good side. All you want to do is lay in bed and avoid everything that overwhelms you. It’s as if, those are the only things that matter. You have the power to change your life. You have to gain the confidence you need to make these changes. Once you do, life will become even better.


Dear Complainer,

Every day is a gift and every fail is a lesson. Do you truly appreciate what you have? Do you take the time to think about what’s going right, instead of what’s going wrong? I get it, you want more and it feels like more will never come. Push through and fight for more, but don’t forget about right now. Make today better. Create a list of everything you’re grateful for and give thanks. Appreciate all that’s in front of you and I promise you’ll feel differently.


Dear Complainer,

Your boss may not be the best boss ever, but your boss could be a lot worse than they are now. Appreciate the kind things that they do and pray for them daily. They may be going through a tough time and just need some encouragement, just as you. Some days they make you want to just get up and quit, but trust that you are there for a reason. The same goes for those certain coworkers. Don’t fall into a funk, do your job, be kind, and go home.

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