Merry Christmas, & A Happy New Year!




Oh 2018, you’ve given me so much adventure and fun. This year was the complete opposite of 2017. I traveled more, accomplished mini victories, and opened my mind to some new challenges. I’m not saying that this year was absolutely perfect. 2018 started off on a sour note. Everything that could go wrong went wrong in the month of January. From my hair to my health. My birthday month was not good to me at all.

Everything turned around in February, when the Eagles won the Super Bowl for the first time. It gave me this feeling of hope. I know that sounds dramatic, but that win really helped me. Jumping ahead, you all know that my summer was filed with travel. I didn’t go too far; however, it opened a door to travel further in the years to come. My friends and I were able to start a new tradition (our friendcation) and I’m looking forward to next year’s trips.

My fall was more of a creative window. I was able to brainstorm and ponder on different ideas for my future. This holiday season has me feeling extra good. The last couple of Christmas’ has had me in a funk. It was tough seeing everybody so “put together” during the holidays, as I felt damaged and lonely. This year I’m excited again, I feel the love and joy. I was excited to see my loved ones reactions to their gifts and excited for the new memories.

Throughout everything, 2018 was a favorite. I didn’t accomplish everything that I wanted; however, I opened the door. I feel that next year will be a busy year (in a good way) and I can’t wait! I plan to work on becoming more free and positive with myself. I can’t continue to be hard on myself. 2018 has taught me that I’m stronger than I think. It’s time to show my strength. Welcome 2019!

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